Lack of electricity affects more Simas Torreón pumps

The lack of electricity continues to affect the Simas Torreón pumps. This time, the problem was presented in those identified with the numbers 89, 12, 72, and 43.

According to the agency, the lack of electricity occurred on Friday night.

Derived from this situation, they find themselves without water service the colonies San Joaquín, Victoria, and the Nazas Tank.

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‘All complaints received due to lack of water are addressed’, assures Román Cepeda

Simas Torreón announced that operating personnel are now ready to put the pumps into operationas soon as the power supply is restored.


Just yesterday, Friday, May 13, municipal authorities in Torreón reported that the mayor, Román Alberto Cepeda, will request an “urgent” meeting with representatives of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

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This is due to the fact that the blackouts have worsened in various parts of the city, which has resulted in affectations to the operation of drinking water pumpsa situation that in turn aggravates the supply situation in multiple sectors.

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