Lack of diesel: the meeting between the Government and carriers failed

The meeting on Wednesday afternoon between the national government and the carriers failed, which could cut routes again in the next few hours, due to the lack of solutions to the shortage of diesel, among other claims.

“We are going to continue with the blockades, we are not going to loosen up,” said Daniel Rambaud, a grain carrier from San Francisco, Córdoba, after the meeting.

The referent of the sector expressed: “We ask the minister to attend to us. Since 2018 we have asked them to attend to us, alerting us to the policies that were leading us to this crisis situation. Dietrich didn’t attend to us and now they don’t either”.

Meanwhile, from the Ministry of Transportation they spread another version: “The protesters could not agree among themselves with who they were going to attend the meeting on behalf of the group, thus managing not to attend the call made by the national and provincial government to dialogue”.

In turn, the carriers complain that they are told that “there is no fuel but they sell to the people of Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay”, and consider that “what is happening is a shame”, alluding to to the lack of diesel in 21 of the 24 districts of Argentina.

Along these lines, Rambaud said that “transporters from other countries sell dollarized diesel, and our pesos are worth nothing,” while denouncing that the oil companies “receive subsidized diesel with a barrel at US$61 and they are selling it to foreign buyers for a value of US$161. It’s a shame what they’re doing.”

The carrier asked the government “to see what is happening in the border areas,” and stated: “They are destroying the country. That is why we are claiming here and in different parts of the country. Because the future of every worker, every driver and every family to whom we bring home bread is at stake. We are carriers and truck owners. I am a truck driver and I am going to defend my colleagues and the future of my children to the death.”

“The fault lies with this government that does not want to listen to us. I’m not asking for subsidies, I’m asking you to control the disaster that is happening to us, because we can’t get diesel anywhere, we spend 7, 8 hours up to 40 hours to get fuel, in some cases, ”he concluded.

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