L-Ghent received a plaque for the "effort and perseverance in music and culture"

“The Company Deco Color SRL, grants this mention to L-Ghent. In recognition of effort and perseverance in music and culture“, Says the painting that L-Ghent has hanging in his house.


Capture of the video that L-Ghent uploaded to his Instagram.

“I always see great detail here in my house”, says one of the founders of theCumbia 420“.

Video: L-Ghent showed the plaque it received from a paint company

L-Ghent is making “Cumbia 420” a worldwide phenomenon

For Simón Nattanael Alvarenga, better known by his nickname of Street Finethe contribution of L-Ghent and its allies of the “Cumbia 420“, made the RKT (“a genre that is well from here”) began to have international reach and to open doors to the rest of the artists of this movement that has been simmering for two decades and playing in dances and neighborhoods of the Buenos Aires suburbs.

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“It happens that the kids see it as if ‘he could, I can too’. Elián did something unique: he took it out of here and is making it worldwide. All of us, those of us who have been in the movement doing it for a long time, are very happy. Because we already had faith in the project from before. Now we can make the genre that is ours without having to copy anything from anywhere. The RKT is something that is good here,” said Callejero Fino in dialogue with Télam.


Big prize.  L-Ghent will raffle one million pesos: when and how to participate.

Big prize. L-Ghent will raffle one million pesos: when and how to participate.

And he added: “This belongs to everyone. Without an audience there is no artist, so the industry has to know that if the public is not there, neither will our movement. It is the people who generate everything and who are doing the work“.

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