L-Ghent proudly showed his distinction “for his contribution to music and culture”

L-Gante is one of the singers of the moment and his fame continues to grow. The young man achieved international exposure with Cumbia 420 which, despite criticism, has millions of followers who closely follow each of the artist’s releases.

In a short time his career grew almost unexpectedly, as his music became more popular in the pandemic. From then on, she did not stop adding followers on the networks and in her shows, which are increasingly massive.

For all this and more, the young man received a distinction in 2021 that he is very proud of. To such an extent that he decided to place the plaque they gave him on a piece of furniture so he could see it every day.

“Great detail that I always see here in my house,” said Elián Valenzuela in his Instagram stories where more than 5 million people follow him.

In the painting, which a company gave him, you can read that they distinguish him for “the effort and perseverance in music and culture”.

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