Kristal Silva records Cynthia Rodríguez without makeup!

MEXICO CITY.- Kristal Silva and Cynthia Rodríguez are one of the most important and popular hosts on Mexican television.thanks to the continuous participation they have in the ‘Venga la Alegría’ program.

In addition, both presenters have been able to maintain a very strong friendship between them, off screen, and it has been through their social networks that they have shared.

It was through her Instagram account that Kristal shared a recording in which she revealed that she had been working since 6 in the morning for a photo shoot with a well-known shoe brand.

To the surprise of his followers who was also present Cynthia Rodríguez who is also part of the image of said advertisingand they have the opportunity to spend more time together.

I swear to you, my friend, to use a filter that will help us, because the swollen eye and all that,” Silva commented.

In a part of the video when the former beauty queen begins to record, it appears Cynthia Rodríguez without a drop of makeup, because they were just about to put on makeup to be able to take the pictures.

Nevertheless Kristal Silva recognized how beautiful her partner looks, despite not being painted, because they both recognized that they were tired and that they had had to work on Sunday.

Kristal Silva acknowledged having “emotional codependency” with Cynthia Rodríguez

A couple of months ago, Kristal revealed that she would have gone on vacation to enjoy the beach, in the company of one of her “colleagues” from the renowned morning show where she works.

However, the driver admitted that she had an “emotional codependency” with Cynthia Rodríguez that, despite seeing her every day, is never enough.

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