Kim Kardashian did not damage Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the Met Gala, according to owners of the garment

kim kardashian did not harm the Marilyn Monroe dress she wore last May at the Met Galaconfirmed the company Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, owner of the garment.

In a statement posted on Instagram, the owners of Monroe’s dress assured that despite the questions received by the socialite for wearing this garment, she “did not personally damage the garment in the short period of time she wore it at the Met Gala.” .

According to CNNRipley’s vice president of publishing and licensing, Amanda Joiner, “accompanied the dress while it was being transported from Florida to New York and also while Kardashian was wearing it.”

The representative of the American franchise assured that the dress “was still intact from its arrival at the bottom of the steps of the Met, where Kim put it on, until the top of the place where it was returned.”

Ripley’s confirmed that “the dress was already slightly damaged when the company acquired it through auction in 2016, with several seams pulled and worn and wrinkling at the back from hooks and eyes.

The statements of the franchise come to light after Kim Kardashian was accused of damaging the famous dressalthough this was not the only controversy that aroused, as experts in fashion history pointed out that no one other than Marilyn Monroe should wear this garment.

The iconic dress was worn by the Hollywood star in 1962 when she famously sang “Happy Birthday” to then US President John F. Kennedy.

Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian claimed she lost 16 pounds to wear the dressan issue that further fueled the controversy.

“The fragility of the dress and the risk associated with wearing it are not disputed, but Ripley’s has been collecting remarkable pop culture memorabilia, historical items and incredible artifacts for more than 100 years,” the franchise said in a statement.

Instagram / Kim Kardashian

For the company, the controversy surrounding the use of the dress by Kardashian has highlighted the historical importance of the garment.

Ripley’s also categorically denied that it paid Kardashian to wear the dress or vice versa.

Criteria for and against the businesswoman and model wearing the garment in the Met Gala 2022 there were multiple, but almost everyone recognizes that Kim Kardashian looked spectacular that day thanks to Monroe’s dress.

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