Kevin Spacey released on bail after being accused of sexual assault

The actor kevin spaceywhich in 2017 saw his successful career shattered by evidence of sexual assaults in the United States that they subsequently withdrew, he was released on bail this Thursday after comparing himself before a London court accused of four sexual crimes.

With a calm and confident countenance, the 62-year-old Hollywood star volunteered before the Westminster Magistrates Court. A crowd of journalists was waiting for him at the gates, to face charges that he denies.

The prosecution acknowledged his “full cooperation” in the investigation, but he accepted that he should surrender his passport and sleep in his London residence while waiting for the next hearing. The next appointment the judge set for July 14 at Southwark Crown Court, in south London.

However, the magistrate took into account that the actor came voluntarily and did not impose no precautionary measure.

“He has to answer to these charges if he wants to move on with his life,” his lawyer argued.“Where is he going to hide? He lives in the United States and is extraditable. His family, his nine-year-old dog are in the United States,” he insisted.

“His job requires him to go to meetings, to appear at castings, to meet with directors and screenwriters,” he defended. The expert declared himself convinced that Kevin Spacey “will continue to appearĀ» before the British justice for the demands of aggressions against him.

Accusations in the wake of #MeToo

Winner of two Oscars, Spacey, star of films such as American Beauty (1999) and usual suspects (1995) and the successful series House of Cards, was accused of four charges of sexual assault on three men.

“I will defend myself against these charges and I am sure they will be will prove my innocence“, he claimed.

Scotland Yard launched an investigation after receiving complaints against Spacey for alleged assault mostly committed in the London neighborhood of Lambeth. There is the famous Old Vic theater, of which Spacey was artistic director between 2004 and 2015. The place launched an internal investigation after receiving complaints from members of his staff.

Two of the charges against him refer to sexual assaults committed in March 2005 in London to the same complainant, who is now over 40 years old.

Another sexual assault concerned a second complainant in August 2008currently in her thirties, and involves penetrative sexual activity without her consent.

The actor is accused of a fourth sexual assault in April 2013 in Gloucestershire, England, to a third complainant also now in his 30s.

The wave of accusations that destroyed his successful career corresponded with the rise of the #MeToo movement. The movement was born from the case of the almighty American film producer Harvey Weinstein.

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