Kate Bush, the enigmatic singer who triumphs again 40 years later thanks to the series “Stranger Things”

“Why are people so interested in me when I only make an album every once in a while?” asked the enigmatic singer Kate Bush, now 63, in 1989, and who went 12 years without releasing a new album. .

The success has been such that this Friday it reached number 1 on the charts in the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Austria.

Although that’s not all: on the Spotify platform It became the most listened to song in the whole world.

In her native UK, Bush has become the oldest artist to have a hit on top of the podium after unseating the former One Direction member. Harry Styles.

Running Up That Hill also entered the top 10 in the United States in recent days thanks to the science fiction series.

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Kate Bush’s song replaced Harry Styles’ hit “As It Was” at the top of the British charts.

The euphoria also reached TikTok, where videos with the hashtag #RunningUpThatHill were played more than 530 million times.

“I have never experienced anything like this before!”, the star wrote on his official website on Thursday. “It’s all so exciting.”

“It’s a glorious thing because people are hearing Kate Bush for the first time, and now they’re going to start their own little journey and discover more about this incredible artist,” he said. Matt EverittBBC Radio 6 Music presenter.

“When (the song) came out so many years ago, it sounded brand new,” he added, “and so many years later, still sounds like something that no one he has Done before”.

The bush conundrum

Reserved and with few public appearances -in 2014 she made a series of concerts in London after 35 years without appearing on stage-, Bush remains in the collective memory of Anglo-Saxon music.

In press interviews, she is often charming, yet skillfully evasive and unable or unwilling to put into words why and how she makes her music.

His influence has been constant for artists such as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Lady Gaga, Bat for Lashes, Goldfrapp, Florence Welch, Joanna Newsom, Tricky and Outkast.

stranger things

Netflix’s Stranger Things series put Kate Bush back on top.

But at the age of 20, he made an unusually risky decision: withdraw from touring.

That allowed him to focus on creating music and experimenting with the latest technology.

According to the engineer Nick Launay, “Going into the studio with her every day was like entering a fantasy land,” the BBC reported.

Bush developed a similar taste for creative control when it came to making music videos.

story of a song

In Stranger Things, the songRunning Up That Hill he appears recurrently as he is obsessively played by one of the teenage leads, Max Mayfield.

Running Up That Hill originally appeared on Bush’s fifth album, hounds of lovewhich she herself produced and largely composed with a Fairlight CMI, an innovative digital synthesizer.

Bush wrote the song at his home in the Kent countryside in the summer of 1983.

The lyrics are an expression of radical empathy: a fantasy about making agreements with God to exchange places with their lover so that each can fully understand the other.

It was Bush’s then boyfriend and collaborator, Del Palmer, who programmed the electronic drum kit that heralds both the song and the album. hounds of love.

Kate Bush

Kate Bush says the renewed interest in her music is “very exciting.”

EMI rejected the original title, A Deal with God (“A pact with God”), so that it would not offend part of the population.

It was finally a big hit in 1985 and hounds of love it became the fourth best-selling album in the UK that year.

Running Up That Hill was remixed for the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. So it’s not exactly buried treasure, but it somehow retains the aura of a cult artist.

“I’ve been really surprised that some of my stuff, which is not particularly mainstream, has been so successful,” the singer said in 2011.

This new and unexpected success for Bush comes 44 years after he last reached a number one with his debut single Wuthering Heights.

That four-decade gap is the longest in chart history surpassing Tom Jones, who had to wait 42 years between Green Green Grass of Home reached the top in 1966 and his next number one, the charity single (Barry) Islands in the Stream.

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