Juan Grabois struck down Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for her decisions and also hit Alberto Fernández

John Graboishead of the Movement of Excluded Workers (MTE), stated about 2023 that “we are not going to support another Alberto Fernandez”. Also, about Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnersaid that “it is very good at meeting certain objectives, but it is not so good at choosing people” and stated that “it is quite wrong.”

“Next year, if a candidacy of these characteristics is proposed, without a transforming program and with a person who comes from a conservative spectrum, we are going to ask STEP and to face them with a candidacy that expresses something else. And if they don’t give us the STEPwe are going to firmly evaluate going outside, ”he said.

About the political future of the vice president, the also referent of Patria Grande expressed that “there is no certainty that she will present herself” but anticipated that together with her space they will “accompany her critically, not as applauders.” “Without the ideal that we proposed, it was the best that there was,” he said of the previous governments of Christina.

Likewise, he launched a criticism within the Front of All (FdT). “Sometimes I wonder: in the leaders, how many of those who clamor for her to run do so because they think it is the best for her and for the country, and how many because they think it is the best for them and to maintain their fifths of power? ”, he pointed out.


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