José Luis Espert is brought to justice for his statements against the Mapuches

The provincial deputy of the Neuquén Union (UNE), Mariano Mansilladenounced the liberal politician Joseph Louis Espert for “apology for crime” and “public intimidation”.

The complaint points to the sayings and expressions of the deputy. Expert was asked by his followers about the mapuche conflict in the south of the country, to which he replied: “I believe that a state of siege must be declared there, in that area and the Mapuches be imprisoned or shot, if the Mapuches resist, they are not really Mapuches, they are false Mapuches.” those who are there are terrorists”.

The Neuquén deputy said that “the sayings of Expert They fit perfectly into the provisions of article 212 of the Penal Code and also constitute an apology for the crime, so it could be investigated in accordance with the provisions of article 213 of the same code.

Mansilla maintained that “the expressions of the deputy of freedom advances They do nothing but stigmatize the Mapuche people and profoundly ignore their culture”.

Conflict grows in the south

Earlier in the week, an office of the Bosques de Chubut directorate was set on fire. According to firefighters, pamphlets from the “Mapuche Ancestral Resistance” (RAM).

Some of the pamphlets had slogans such as: “Mapuche national reconstruction, for our dead in Ruf Wichan, for the PPM and the persecuted.”

Photo: NoticiasDelBolsón

The slogans also questioned state agencies: “Out with Corfo, Andean Forest Service, Forests, Benetton with their pine monocultures.”


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