Jorge Ripa is president of the Gourmet Club of Mendoza, an oasis of gastronomy in a crazy world

It is lawyer, oenologist and specialist in International Relations. All of that, however, is put on hold when he refers to the club, an organization probably unique in the region where they participate. people of the most varied extraction.

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Jorge Ripa wants the Mendoza Gourmet Club to be based on shared pleasures: food, wines and beautiful places.

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Gastronomy and wines: the gentlemen of the good table:

So once a month “gentlemen of fine dining” they choose a place in Mendoza to meet, try dishes and drink wines.

Always they pay for what they consume, and complete some cards where they give scores. Later, they give the already famous prizes. “Although there are members who know a lot about gastronomy, ours It is not a look of specialists George clarifies. It is rather the perspective of people who love good experiences“.

-They say that in the club they don’t talk about politics or religion, is that right?

-When we started, to give the project sustainability, we put together a regulation which luckily has come to pass. The goal is to find the things that unite us. And we are united by the desire to discover food, places and wines in order to later promote the gems of Mendoza’s enogastronomy.

-And they always pay…

-Yes, because that allows us to have greater objectivity. When we later organize the annual scores of culinary experiences, we know that we have no compromises. We can choose freely. In fact, this year there was a highly rated wine that belonged to a winery that we did not know. So we contacted them to come get the prize.

-How do you enter the Mendoza Gourmet Club?

-Each member of the club you can invite a person once a year. This is how we get to know new people, who are integrated into a membership reserve list. We can’t extend too much either because if we arrived at a warehouse together they would not be able to serve so many. We keep a number close to 30.

-How often do they meet?

-We usually hang out the second or third Tuesday of each month, in the evening. In total, there are about 10 meetings a year. And in February we do a special event where we cook each other and sometimes we choose a costume to have fun. There we organize the awards, which in turn are awarded in another event which takes place in different parts of the province.

-How did they do during the pandemic?

-We organize five virtual dinners, with restaurants in Mendoza sending us the food by delivery. It was something very nice and it did us a lot of good, because nobody could go out, everything was closed and in the middle of that the Gourmet Club was still. Today, luckily, the local gastronomy he recovered impressively.

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The Gourmet Club prizes

On Friday, July 29, the Mendoza Gourmet Club celebrated the “XXIV Annual Awards for Places, Gastronomy and Wines” in the The Toneles Winery.

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A postcard from Bodega Los Toneles, in Guaymallén.

A postcard from Bodega Los Toneles, in Guaymallén.

Over the course of 2021, they were qualified for the award 5 places between restaurants and wineries visited. These are the current awards in different categories: best regional, international and gourmet cuisine, award for the best rated gourmet dish and for the best place and cuisine visited.

They were also rated best wines. Throughout the year approximately 63 dishes and about 87 wines and sparkling. They rated anonymously. 321 attendees among Club members, guests and the press at all monthly dinners and lunches.

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Alejandro Vigil, head of Wines of Argentina, thanked the Mendoza Gourmet Club for the award.

Alejandro Vigil, head of Wines of Argentina, thanked the Mendoza Gourmet Club for the award.

The awardees were:

Finca Bandini Winery – The Walls – Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Weinert Winery – Single Cask – Malbec 2006

Casa Vigil Winery – Great Enemy Gualtallary – Cabernet Franc 2010

  • Silver awards in gastronomy

Best Regional Cuisine: Roberto Yarke

Best International Cuisine: Sagrada Cocina

Best Gourmet Cuisine: La Gloria Cantina Cool

Top Rated Gourmet Dish: Saffron (Sebastián Weingant)

  • Gold Award for place and gastronomy

Best place and cuisine visited: República Palmares

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