Jonathan, the oldest giant tortoise that ever lived, turns 190

SANTA ELENA ISLAND.- This year, the giant tortoise Jonathan turns 190 years old, becoming the turtle that has reached more age than any that has existed, as indicated by Guinness World Records.

This majestic animal, cataloged as the oldest turtle in history, lives on the remote island of st. Helenwhich is located almost 2 thousand kilometers from the coast. CNN reports that it is considered that Jonathan was born approximately in the year of 1832 to later be given to William Grey-Wilson.

A turtle that has lived almost all the history books

Grey-Wilson traveled from the Seychelles to the island where the turtle currently resides in 1982, later becoming governor.

Although Jonathan’s age is not known exactly, there are photographs taken between 1882 and 1886 in which it can be seen that the turtle is already an adult that walks through the garden of the residence of the governor of Santa Elena.

Old photographs of Jonathan (

Because of his old age, for almost two centuries of life, Jonathan he is blind and has no sense of smell, so its caregivers are responsible for feeding it. But he is not an incapable tortoise, for the long-lived creature always responds when Joe Hollins, his veterinarian, calls him. As mentioned, his hearing is intact and despite all these ravages that age can present, Jonathan still has a lot of energy.

In addition, Jonathan is not alone, since he shares his habitat with three other giant tortoises of his species, David, Emma and Fred. Your libido is still good and constantly mates with Emma and a few other times with Fred. She eats with relish cabbage, carrot, cucumber, apple and many fruits that she loves.

It is incredible how life passes, humanity changes and we immerse ourselves more and more in the hurried routines of dynamism, while there is a creature of almost 200 years that from its first day of existence is dedicated solely to sleeping, eating and… breed. Is that the recipe for a long life? What envy!

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