Johnny Depp: the day the actor allegedly attacked Amber Heard after an attack of jealousy by James Franco

Amber Heard returned to testify this Thursday in her trial for defamation and lashed out again at Johnny Depp.

actress vforgot to accuse her ex-husband of maintaining violent behavior throughout their marriagemany of them a product of the jealousy he had from various people to Amber Heard, such as actor James Franco.

During his second day in a row testifying before a judge, Amber Heard surprised those present by remembering the day Johnny Depp hit her on a plane in a fit of jealousy over James Franco.

The attack occurred after the 58-year-old actor learned that Amber Heard and James Franco, who starred in the film The Adderall Diaries, they had kissed for a scene in this production.

Upon learning of this, Johnny Depp began to insult his then partner while they were both on a private flight and then physically assaulted her.

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Johnny Depp, who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, called Amber Heard a “bitch” and cHe began to throw objects at her in order to hurt her.

Then, seeing that the actress changed seats to avoid this confrontation, the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean He went after her and kicked her in the back causing her to fall to the ground.

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“I was embarrassed that he could kick me to the ground in front of everyone,” Heard confessed.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard revealed this story during her testimony as part of her libel lawsuit with Johnny Depp. (Free Press Photo: EFE)

Since the beginning of the trial on April 11, Johnny Depp has denied the accusations against him for physical and psychological violence; Nevertheless, his ex-wife continues to claim that she was abused throughout their marriage.

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At the beginning of her testimony, Amber Heard confessed on Wednesday that reliving what happened with Johnny Depp is “horrible” and revealed that “This is the most painful and difficult thing that has happened to him.”

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