Joe Biden tests negative for COVID-19 but remains isolated

US President Joe Biden tested negative for COVID-19 on Saturday but will remain in isolation at the White House until he has a second negative test, his doctor said.

Dr. Kevin O’Connor wrote in his daily update that the presidentdue to excessive cautionwill abide by the “strict isolation measures implemented since its infection “restored” was detected on July 30, pending a new negative result.

Biden, 79, tested positive for the virus for the second time in three days after being released from isolation for his initial COVID-19 infectionreported on July 21.

There have been rare cases of reinfections documented in people who, like Biden, received a prescription for the antiviral drug Paxlovid.which has been shown to reduce the risk of severe symptoms and death among those most at risk.

O’Connor wrote that Biden “He continues to feel great.”

Biden’s travels have been suspended while he awaits a negative result. The president plans to visit Kentucky on Monday to survey damage from catastrophic flooding and meet with affected families.

Biden “it’s very nice”White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Saturday when asked about the president’s health at a joint conference in Las Vegas of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists.. She added that when she talks to the president, he tells her to “tell people I’ve been working more than eight hours a day.”

At his first positive test, Biden’s main symptoms were a runny nose, fatigue and a cough, his doctor said at the time. On the second occasion, O’Connor detailed, only the cough returned and that was “almost completely resolved” by Friday.

regulators continue to study the prevalence and virulence of recovered cases, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned doctors in May that they had been reported to occur two to eight days after a negative result.

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