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It was exactly 40 years looking for answers, trying to unravel his fate and his whereabouts, to face the duel in the midst of uncertainty. The wait ended this Friday, when his mother and brothers were able to give him a decent burial, after the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), managed to find the place where the remains of Germán Darío were, thanks to the testimony of a former member of the Public Force.

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Over there, in a common grave, the body of the young man was found, with signs of penetrating trauma by projectile firearm, which led to the conclusion that he was the victim of homicide.

The body of Germán Darío Flórez Jiménez was exhumed in the Las Mercedes de Dabeiba cemetery.

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The magistrates of the JEP Nadezhda Henríquez (rapporteur of case 04, on the conflict in Urabá), and Alejandro Ramelli Arteaga and Hugo Escobar Fernández de Castro (who advance the investigation of the Dabeiba subcase in macrocase 03, on ‘false positives’).

Magistrate Alejandro Ramelli, missing delivery

The heartfelt embrace of Judge Alejandro Ramelli in the midst of handing over the body to the family.

“At that time, the so-called common grave number 20 was intervened in the Las Mercedes cemetery, whose exhumation result led to the technical-scientific identification of Germán Darío Flórez Jiménez by the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences,” reported the JEP .

GRAVE 20 dabeiba cemetery

This is the location of grave 20, which was intervened in the Dabeiba cemetery.

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All these characteristics, which were documented by the JEP, and which do not coincide with the rituals of a regular funeral procession, demonstrate the beginning of a practice of forced disappearance in the Las Mercedes cemetery since 1982. “These are facts that are related with the armed conflict,” said the transitional court.

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