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There were three days of a meeting between victims and perpetrators to look into each other’s eyes, release feelings repressed for decades and claim truths, but also to listen to requests for forgiveness and reflect on all that should never have happened.

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Although during Tuesday and Wednesday recognitions were made on different punishable behaviors, in yesterday’s hearing there was a specific one on cases of sexual violence.

Members of the public hold signs asking about hostages who have not yet been heard from.

The former guerrilla also referred to the forced disappearance: “Without a doubt, one of the heaviest burdens we carry today is the continued suffering of those who do not know the whereabouts of their loved ones,” Rodrigo Londoño told the victims.

In the middle of the diligence, Daniela Arandia, who was 7 years old when the FARC kidnapped her father -geologist Gerardo Arandia, who is still missing-, told the defendants: “Although from my heart I can tell you that I forgive you, I ask you to recognize the unworthy treatment, the torture, not only physical but also psychological that they lived and that we have lived from afar”.

In another of the interventions, the former guerrilla leader Pablo Catatumbo accepted that one of the practices they used to disappear the bodies of their victims was dismemberment, and promised to “make efforts” to respond to the victims and achieve a dignified handover. their families.

After finishing the three days, what comes next is to evaluate whether the recognition of the ex-FARC meets the criteria and, if this happens, in the next three months the magistrates must send the resolution of conclusions to the Tribunal for Peace, which will define the sanction to be imposed on ex-combatants of the disappeared guerrilla.

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