Jean Philippe Cretton on the possible participation of Pamela Díaz in Podemos Hablar: "It is dangerous"

The communicator spoke exclusively with BioBioChile about the new stage of the television space and the guests he would like to have. In turn, he stated that inviting his current partner, Pamela Díaz, to the program he hosts would be something “dangerous”.

The host of Can We Talk, Jean Philippe Crettonspoke exclusively with BioBioChile about the new stage of the program of conversation, where he also pointed out, with humor, that inviting your partner into space would be “dangerous”.

The animator began by commenting that in this new period of television space they sought to give it a twist: “We wanted to take different angles that were previously only taken from the point of view of comedy and anecdotes. In some way we wanted to refresh it and we succeeded: we can talk about very deep topics, as well as the lightest ones”he explained.

He also said that the change has caused the program to go “far beyond the journalistic idea, there is a psychological connection. There is an environment where one opens the heart”.

Possible guests to the space

Asked who he would like to have as a guest in the space, Jean Philippe said that “The interest arises that PH has that roll that was in the ’90s, that of bringing someone foreign”he began by saying, “it would be great to bring Charly García, for example. I’m not a big fan of his music, but I suppose it would be very entertaining to interview”.

On invite your partner Pamela Díaz to participate in the program, the host of Podemos Hablar, assured between laughs that it would be “always dangerous”.

However, he clarified that “I would love to, but it would be difficult to pose as an interviewer”this since “He is a person with whom you talk every day, you know his tricks, his weaknesses, his strengths… so that is complex for me”.

Given the possibility, he said:It would be necessary to look for a return so that it can be in a better way. After all, the times that we are together on television, I feel like it’s always more of a comedy and it works well. It’s just that it’s more entertaining to grab for the egg (sic.) “.

It should be remembered that the journalist Jean Philippe Creton took over driving We can talkafter the last season in charge of Julian Elfenbein.

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