Javier Milei broke the silence and ignored Carlos Maslatón

This Monday the libertarian deputy Javier Milei He referred to the internal frictions that have been registered inside the Libertad Avanza space and minimized the impact of the declarations of Carlos Maslaton. The latter directly attacked Milei’s entourage and charged the cannons against her sister. karina Miley assuring that they are leading the presidential candidate down the wrong path. “Yes Miley falls a lot can collapse his candidacy,” said maslaton Y Miley went out to answer

Carlos Maslaton recognizes that he is an inorganic militant, he is not part of the structure of freedom advances,” said the deputy which in recent months began to decline in the polls. “We are talking about things that do not make sense. There is an internal line of someone who is not part of the party structure and has to do with social networks,” he fired, minimizing the relevance that Maslatón has in his electoral setup.

“I don’t know why they caught it with my sister, karina he does a phenomenal job in the party,” added the deputy, and although he recognized that there are differences between the Liberals, he clarified that “we can resolve them with more or less fireworks.”

Karina Milei in the center of the image.

Among other things to Miley his allies question his closeness to Ricardo Bussison of the genocidal Antonio Bussi. “Judging the children for what happened to the parents seems like a delusion to me,” was the deputy’s response to that statement. On the other hand, he defended the presentation they made together with the dippy at the El Porvenir stadium in Gerliwhere the call was lower than expected.

“For me the act was successful, politics plays and makes certain particular moves,” he justified. On the other hand, he referred to the intentions of a sector of Together for Change to form a great opposition front with the participation of Miley.

“I can’t be with the people of Together for Change because it is impossible for him to be with them radicalsare responsible for Argentina’s decadence,” he fired. “If Mauricio Macri wants to come to Libertad Avanza, I receive it and I give it an intern”, added

“I’m not worried about having dropped in the polls because I prefer to tell uncomfortable truths rather than a comforting lie,” he concluded. liberal economist who dreams of the presidency.


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