Jalisco: For sexually abusing a minor, a man is arrested and investigated

IXTLAHUACÁN DEL RÍO, Jalisco.- This Monday, the Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office reported that a man identified as Ernesto L. He is already facing criminal proceedings after allegedly sexually abusing of a teenager.

Thanks to the investigations carried out, it was possible to establish that the accused established communication with his victim. through messages via Whatsapp and became affectivewhich is why this man allegedly proposed that they live together, even Knowing that she was a minor.

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He finally managed to convince her and on June 13, 2020, He picked her up in his vehicle and took her to her home located in the El Consuelo ranch.in the municipality of Ixtlahuacán del Río, where he presumably committed the sexual offense on several occasions.

The teenager asked for help.

After this offense, this individual told the young woman that he was not going to fulfill what he had promisedso she returned home on the 14th of that same month and asked for help.

The adolescent’s family denounced these events and the Public Ministry collected the evidence that allowed request an arrest warrant against this man for his possible commission of child sexual abuse.

Ernesto L. was recently arrested by agents of the Investigation Police of District II, and was subsequently made available to the Judge of Control and Orality who, after analyzing the evidence, determined initiate criminal proceedings against him, with a precautionary measure of informal imprisonment for four months.

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