Ivy Perrando: “in my house there were always cameras”



This was stated by the renowned photographer from Río Gallegos, in dialogue with the Cambalache program.

Ivy Perrando on the floor of Tiempo FM.

Ivy Perrando on the floor of Tiempo FM.

Ivy Perrando Schallerphotographer and worker of the Justice Service of Río Gallegos, was on the floor of the program Swap which is issued by Weather FM 97.5talking about his work and the culture in the city of Río Gallegos.

On how he came to his passion for photography, he said that “in my house there were always cameras, but because of my age they were cameras that I was forbidden to touch. The first time I stole a camera from my old man was the first day of high school, because for me it was important to have photos of that day. Today I realize that the decision I made was closely related to the evolution of my workwhich is strictly the human subject. I am very bad at taking photos of nature, I am lousy at taking conceptual photos.”

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