It’s time to listen

Carrying out a reflection that allows us to understand and interpret the events and extraordinary circumstances through which our Nation is going through constitutes a moral and necessary imperative for all of us who still dream of achieving the long-awaited spiritual and material unity of Argentines.

We must move forward in the search for common perspectives and criteria that invite us to be participants in the construction of institutional spaces that offer us the possibility of expressing and channeling our conflicts in such a way that no social sector feels relegated in this transcendental call to be able to reality that dream called Argentina.

It is fair to mention that after the covid 19 pandemic, the vast majority of nations have been shaken to their foundations regarding the need to advance in the reformulation and construction of a new international architecture in which financial and speculative capitalism can be banished to give rise to a virtuous capitalism of production and consumption where the protection of the environment and respect for diversity constitute fundamental banners.

It should be noted that democratic systems have been put to the test in the majority of the so-called “first world” countries, since the outbreak of the pandemic has not only caused the loss of millions of lives worldwide, but has also destroyed millions of jobs and has had a negative impact on the training and education of our young people.

In this sense, it is convenient to point out that the weariness and the enormous perception that the people have about the inability to resolve their elementary needs and demands, is more and more frequent. An enormous frustration and skepticism is observed permanently and daily in our citizens, mainly in our most vulnerable population, who observe how their hopes are subjected to long waits vilified over time.

The Argentine Republic, our beloved country, produces food for 400 million people, however, it maintains a 37% poverty rate in its population with 10.8 million people included in that unfortunate figure along with 2.4 million in a situation of indigence. according to the latest INDEC report for the second half of 2021. These terrifying figures should generate enormous pain in all of us, and the appeal of citizens to be able to offer a horizon of work, peace and security for families is terrifying.

We must be cultivators of respect for democratic institutions, understanding that there are various relative truths and that the imposition of a single thought only crushes the diversity of opinions, obscures debate and prevents freedom of expression.

We have to fight with all our strength to follow the words of Pope Francis and definitively consolidate the Culture of Encounter to put an end to the historical divisions that have damaged our Homeland so much.

Think of a collective future that allows us to represent the excluded, the different, the exiled, the marginalized, the disappointed. To all those who, even without sharing our philosophy of thought, are united with us in the same cry and the same faith through the genuine and daily work with which they make the Homeland great and immortal.

Contributing to sincere and genuine dialogue implies definitively thinking about long-term policies that abandon looks. No one emerges unscathed from this whirlwind of malaise and uneasiness that threatens to shake the system to its foundations in order to completely regenerate it.

We must listen to the voice of the people to interpret their deepest desires and to be able to definitively build the Nation that we all deserve. We are absolutely convinced about the need to carry out a spiritual and ethical revolution that allows us to always keep our People in mind in all decisions.

Mariano Moreno still reminds us that “If the peoples are not enlightened, if their rights are not popularized, if each man does not know what he is worth, what he can and what is owed to him, new illusions will succeed the old ones and it will be such Perhaps our luck, to change tyrants without destroying the tyrannyā€¯.

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