It’s official: Speed ​​limit on the Torreón peripheral rises to 80 kilometers per hour

The Cabildo de Torreón approved this Thursday a reform to the Urban Mobility Regulation of the municipality, in which it is highlighted that the vehicular circulation limit in the peripheral It will go from 60 to 80 kilometers per hour, this measure will also apply to the Torreón-San Pedro highway, both roads considered to be of constant traffic for vehicles of all kinds, mainly those with heavy loads and passengers.

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Months ago the municipal administration had carried out analyzes and measurements on both streets, this with the aim of knowing the possibilities of mishaps and the benefits in case of raising the speed limit, within the conclusions reached by the Directorate of Mobility highlighted the confirmation that practically in no case was the 60-kilometer-per-hour traffic measure respected, that in some sections mishaps were more likely when traveling at that speed or at a lower speed, in addition to the fact that 80 kilometers per hour allowed an adequate flow of vehicles in both directions of these roads.

“The modification that is marked in the first instance is the homologation of the speeds that the federal law establishes, so here comes an increase in two main roads, which is the Torreón-San Pedro highway, which now as it comes is the La Nogalera boulevard, 60 it rises to 80 and what is peripheral the same, from 60 to 80… The entire Torreón-San Pedro, the highway, leaving the Nudo Mixteco to Los Azulejos, that is the limit of Torreón, and from the peripheral everything that encompasses the peripheral”, Councilor Christian González pointed out.

The mayor justified that the measure is due to a follow-up and standardization with the federal mobility law, in addition to the fact that the measure to reduce speed to reduce the number of accidents on these streets is due to a policy of the present administration.n, pointed out that as an alternative measure to that speed adjustment, concrete whalebones have been placed in Torreón-San Pedro to avoid head-on collisions.

“It is already part of a solution… The issue of accidents is really, in the study of Torreón-San Pedro, most of the (accidents) there are due to lack of precaution, driving with cell phone and driving while intoxicated.

The signage will be modified in the next few days, in addition to special ordering actions by the Torreón Mobility Directorate itself to enforce said reform of the regulation, which will be available as soon as it is published in the municipal gazette.

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