“It’s like coming home”: Paulina Nin will return to the screens with the iconic character of Chilean television

Paulina Nino will return to the screens of Channel 13, leading a new space that will be accompanied by a nostalgic figure from Chilean popular culture.

After 20 years of his last program on the station, None will be the leader of You saw it in 13, space that will show remembered programs that have passed through the television house.

“I was invited to another Rec program and I had a fantastic time, where we remembered the programs that I had done on Channel 13. From there the general producer told me that he wanted to do something with me“explained the cheerleader to Page 7.

“It made me remember very special moments from the programming of 13. I told him that it had to be done in a very close way, show emotion and get involved with what is relived“, he added.

Under it, Paulina explained that “it seemed like a wonderful idea, a nice challenge. In addition, it is to return to my house, because the last stable channel I was on was Channel 13″ emphasizing that “it is to meet technicians and cameramen with whom I worked, press people, makeup, costumes.”

“I love working on television, I always say that there is nothing better than doing what one likes”he admitted.

In addition, the instance will have the participation of Guru Guru, Claudio Moreno’s beloved character.

Regarding Moreno’s participation, Paulina Nin revealed that “heI know him as a person and he is a charm, we laugh a lot, we have a great time. He’s a very creative guy, we don’t need a script, we improvise a lot”.

It should be noted that the program does not yet have a premiere date.

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