It won’t be just eleven! With serenade, red and white fans accompany their team

The illusion is intact among the fans of the Chivas who, tonight, decided to show the players that, although there are only eleven players on the field, there are thousands outside of it who will seek to overcome the score against the Atlas red and black.

On the outskirts of the concentration hotel of the Chivasshortly before 6:30 in the afternoon, the fans began to gather to offer a serenade to their team. Accompanied by flags, shirts, trumpets and drumspeople of all ages came to join in this party.

Love without borders


The family Moondecided to travel six hours from Fresnillo, Zacatecas, to get to the serenade:
“Of course they are going to come back! A two zero we come back with goals from Alexis Vega and of JJ Macias“, they assured Alexander Y Brendawho had his son in his arms who also proudly wore the red and white shirt.

For them, the arrival of Richard Chain composed the team, giving it more confidence and that is why they are sure that the trip from Frenillo it will be worth it and they will be tomorrow in the Jalisco Stadium cheering like they do tonight.

For the love of the Flock


For his part, Fernando, one of the members of the porra de las Chivasassures that he could not miss tonight because of the love he has for his team:

“I love the team. Tomorrow we will thrash. A 3-1 with two goals from Vega and another of Beltran“For him, remembering the 2017 final in which the Guadalajara was crowned before tigersgives him hope that the herd will accomplish the feat.”

With everything and crutches!


Nothing stops these fans from showing their affection for colors, not even crutches. That is the case of John Paul Garcia who is sure that “what rules in this party is the heart” and agrees that Alexis Vega will be the key to leading the miracle they seek, accompanied by the “Louse” Alvarado.

If the cheers and the chants, the drums and the giant flags were reflected on the scoreboard we could say that, tonight, the Guadalajara I win. Unfortunately for the herd, everything will be defined tomorrow, on the field of the colossus of the independence road, the property that was once his home and that tomorrow will be reunited with his fans.



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