It was consecrated as "Fernandito" in VideoMatch and sell greetings with prices in dollars: What is Alacrán’s life?

Rodolfo Samsobetter known as Scorpion, is one of those actors who dedicated his life to comedy and became one of the most beloved comedians. Since its inception in the 90’s, he has learned to earn his space within the national industry and was part of countless hits such as “VideoMatch” and “Sin Codificar”, however, the path of his life was not easy and the change cultural affected his way of making humor. Currently, he looks for it to continue working on what he loves so much.

Born in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito into a middle class family. From his father he inherited the fanaticism for San Lorenzo de Almagro and from his mother the humor and being “badly spoken”. Unlike other actors of his time, he had no connection to acting, since He studied teaching at the Mariano Acosta school and worked in a factory that made clothes. His dream back then was to create his own large textile industry, but in 1989, tired of not being able to make ends meet, he began to study theater.

Alacrán studied acting to have another income at home.

an unexpected stardom

Samsó began his career as an interpreter, at the beginning of 1990, at the hands of the independent theater in the “Voluptuous Well” or “Parakultural”. Two years later, the artistic director of América TV, Roberto Cenderelli, recruited groups of actors from the underground movement to make a new comedy program that would be under the guidance of the comedian.Alfredo Casero and called “Of the head”. Since then, his ability to make unconnected situations and his frantic appearance have attracted attention.

Also participated in the cycle “Cha Cha Cha”, being one of the few comedians who remained throughout the four seasons that said program was broadcast. His character stood out there, which later gave him his artistic name, “Alakrán”, who was a comedian who after each joke he shouted “Yuppie!” and threw colored pieces of paper. Another prominent role was that of “Mrs. Moon”, who was in charge of kissing the boys goodnight with boisterous stories. In addition, she collaborated on various projects such as “Fer Play” and “La Banda Dominguera”.

The success of VideoMatch

In 1997 came one of the most important television opportunities of his career, since he was able to join the stable cast of comedians of the successful “VideoMatch”. There he gave life to the mythical “Fernandito”who quickly became a favorite of the show due to his famous catchphrase “I take an Agaromba and everything sucks an egg out of me.” Each presentation of the man generated controversy, since he was a character without filters and “very badly spoken”. Also, he participated in numerous sketches with the other actors.

During those years of glory, he performed plays with renowned comedians such as Jorge Corona, Alfredo Casero, among others. Years later, with the end of the format hosted by Marcelo Tinelli, he became a regular guest on the programs “Sin coding”, “Bendita TV” and “Peligro: sin coding”. Throughout his career, the characters were also highlighted “The Wachon” (a parody of “The Joker”), Granny, The Zen Master (an Indian guru similar to the Dalai Lama who, over time, falls in love with the tricky life of the typical Argentine), the Bitter Clown (a clown who frequently falls into depression pits), Shemale Renée and Giuseppe Machine Gun (a capomafioso of Italian origin).

humor in the 21st century

It is more than clear that Argentine culture has changed considerably in recent decades, as a result of which, Alacrán had to readapt his way of making the public laugh. In an interview he commented “LSociety advanced and what was funny 30 years ago is unthinkable today“Currently, he is rarely seen on television and he focused mainly on the radio, however, the same actor maintained that “There are days when they ask me to stay home, and that’s when I take the opportunity to cook and do other things”.

Like many comedians, during the pandemic they had to find it to survive and began to develop personal projects. In the case of Samso, makes presentations at private events and restaurants. Also, sell greetings in video format for birthdays, bachelor parties and more. These contents are sold through your page and they have a value between 6.99 and 9.99 dollars.

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