It looks like a meme, but it’s real: “El Derrumbe”, the remodeled warehouse in Havana

A Cuban winery located in the Centro Habana municipality it was named “El Derrumbe” after its makeover, and the ad soon went viral on social media.

The user identified as “FreeCuban48” published in Twitter a photo of the new name of the winery, located at the intersection of Salud and Chávez streets, after undergoing maintenance work.

“At the corner of Salud and Chávez streets they remodeled a warehouse!! Look at the name with which she was baptized by enlarging the image !!” the Internet user announced about this place located just 50 meters from the central Belascoaín street.

Capture of Twitter / Cubanolibre48

In an area where landslides have affected many Cuban families, the new name of the winery seems like a joke, but the establishment indicates, in effect, that name.

The post went viral because of the irony expressed in the winery’s title. “I think the name is a widespread wish,” added the author of the publication in the comments section.

Capture of Twitter / Cubanolibre48

The name is an allegory of the situation in which the Havana municipality finds itself, the one with the highest population concentration in the capital and also the one with the most houses threatened with collapse.

Given the widespread deterioration of buildings in Central Havana and other territories, “El derrumbe” seems to mirror the situation of a country.

“Right now they are doing an act of repudiation of the poor winery for being counterrevolutionary”, “Whoever named it should be awarded a prize”, said the members of the Forum.

Several Internet users agreed that the normalization of landslides as something everyday it prevented whoever suggested the name from seeing the connotation of his proposal. The collapse of real estate in Cuba had ceased to represent something negative for the one who baptized the site in this way.

Capture of Twitter / Cubanolibre48

Most commentators on the publication concluded that the fate of the regime in the country called “Landslide”.

“At least they are futurists, they already know in advance how it will end”, “a decreed affirmation, “a premonition of what is to come”, the publication unleashed a wave of opinions about the possible implications of a name that is very suggestive.

It’s not a meme, it’s real. The prophetic, representative, sarcastic name, whatever the case, seems like a mockery for a people affected by destruction.

Cuban families have been threatened by the deplorable state of buildings in Cuba. Recently, some residents of Havana Center they expressed their outrage over the collapse from a side wall of a building that had exposed the staircase and caused structural damage to the site.

The precarious condition of many properties on the island has ended in the displacement of families that they have had to protect themselves from the danger that lies in wait for them due to the threat of collapse.

In previous months hundreds of houses were affected by a period of intense rains. Only at the beginning of June was the collapse of 290 houses and 14 were total collapses.

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