It lasted two days: Journalist Pascual Pichún resigned from Seremi de La Araucanía after controversy

The journalist Pascual Pichún Collonao resigned this Friday from his position in the Regional Ministerial Secretariat of Health of La Araucaníadue to the controversy caused by the information that he had served a sentence for a crime of rural violence in the zone.

His departure was communicated by the Seremi, through a statement, which pointed out that Pichún had been hired on August 3just two days ago, to exercise “support functions for the Communications Unit.”

Opposition deputies Miguel Mellado (RN) and Andrés Jouannet (Independent, ex-DC) officiated yesterday to the Minister of Health, María Begoña Yarza, to find out how the contest for the assignment of the position was carried out, taking into account the background of that the community member was sentenced in 2003 for the burning of a forestry truck.

“A long time ago he had a legal problem, he served a sentence, he complied with the requirements and has no inability to hold public office, therefore, like many people who have had rehabilitation processes, he is inserted in society and is working in a public service”, the seremi Andrés Cuyul ​​had defended the last day.

Pascual Pichún, moreover, is Juan Pichun’s brotherone of the spokespersons for the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco, according to emmol. The SEREMI, however, ruled out yesterday that the journalist was a member of that organization.

Visiting Biobío, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalvewas asked about this case, and replied that he limited himself to requesting a legal report on the criminal status of the professional.

According to emmolthe undersecretary of Public Health, Christopher Squarecommented today that the hiring was the responsibility of the Seremi of La Araucanía, for which the Minsal instructed that department to “gather all the background information on the case.”

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