“It is not removing trees, to remove,” say authorities about withdrawals in Torreón

Torreón authorities admitted that tree removals have been carried out in various parts of the municipality, although this is part of a risk detection operation due to the gusts of wind that have been recorded in recent weeks; They recalled the collapse of a tree of important dimensions in a country club of Gómez Palacio, a situation that they seek to avoid with said operation in which Civil Protection, Parks and Gardens and the Environment participate.

It was the head of the Civil Protection Directorate, Jorge Luis Juárez, who indicated that within these actions, the general conditions of the trees, their dimensions and possible areas affected in the event of a collapse; Only in cases that are “strictly necessary”, the corresponding evaluation is carried out and finally preventive pruning actions are determined, or else, complete felling.


In this sense, 21 trees have been detected in some streets of the city, of which 11 were completely removed and 10 more were pruned, especially on Independencia Boulevard, from Lisboa street to Abastos roadin a later stage, it will continue with other high-traffic streets such as the Revolution Boulevard, in addition to its extension, the Torreón-Matamoros highway in the eastern zone.

“They are (trees) in general, unfortunately we have already had events here in La Laguna, we already had there in the neighboring city (of Gómez Palacio) an example of a tree that was also very large, the idea is that we limit or mitigate those parts of the different risks that exist in this type of situation, It is not to remove trees, to remove, planning is done, a study is done, experts tell us which ones are correct to be able to remove them… Work is also being done in what are public places, in what are squares, parts of places where there is an accumulation of people and that could have some kind of risk at a given time,” said Jorge Luis Juárez, head of Civil Protection. .

The official also announced that the actions that will be carried out on Revolution Boulevard will have another orientation, because trees at risk of collapse could not necessarily be removedInstead, pruning could be ordered in areas where there is electrical wiring and which, due to contact with the branches, could lead to a fire with serious consequences.

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