It could change the accusation for the grandfather who killed his grandson

the crime of Brian Verna (29) caused great commotion in Bahía Blanca. For the fact he was charged grandfather, Domingo, a 76-year-old retired military man. Because the prosecutor considered that it was a case of self-defense, the man was charged but released. Now they analyze if a cover change corresponds.

The Attorney General of Bahía Blanca, Juan Pablo Fernández, in dialogue with the press, indicated that “the investigation continues and it will be necessary to see if the qualification is maintained or not. Because the test may vary, be maintained or strengthened, it will depend on the development of the case. “.

For this, the prosecutor indicated that there is a lack of testimonies and the explanation of the murderer, in order to know his point of view and determine in what circumstances the murder occurred.

Brian, the young man shot five times

For her part, the mother of the young man and daughter of the soldier, Mariel, assured that the man constantly harassed her son and verbally assaulted him.

Regarding the mental health of the young man, Mariel indicated that he suffered from personality and behavioral disorders, for which he had to be medicated.

“My father gave me life, but he is a murderer who took the life of a boy who had a life ahead of him and who finished high school to have a decent job,” the woman told reporters.


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