Issste will buy 68 air conditioners for medical units in Yucatan

The general director of the Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (Issste), Pedro Zenteno Santaella, authorized the acquisition of 68 air conditioners for all medical units in Yucatan. “In the south southeast these teams are not a luxury, they are a necessity,” he said.

During the three-day work tour of the entity, the head of the organization supervised 11 of 14 primary care clinics and pointed out that equipping the Family Medicine Units (FMU) in Yucatan is a real need, to the benefit of both the staff as well as the beneficiaries, since it is not possible to consult at a temperature of more than 40 degrees and added: “These teams will satisfy the demand of all the clinics.”

After going through the FMUs of Tizimín, Valladolid, Izamal, San Carlos, Peto, Tekax, Oxkutzcab, Ticul, Muna, Tixkokob and Motulin addition to the state representative offices, found that some air conditioners work poorly and others do not work, so they decided to replace them, since they have been in operation for more than 20 years, their useful life has ended and it is more profitable to change them than to repair them.

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This acquisition represents an investment of around three million pesos for the benefit of 207 thousand 712 beneficiaries of Yucatan, of which 80 percent are served in the 14 first level units, he pointed out.

In addition, he reported that the Issste is analyzing the project to buy or use, through an agreement with the Ministry of Health, the facilities of the High Specialty Hospital of Yucatan, which has an occupancy rate of 18 percent, which would represent providing better care. patients, not only from the state, but also from Campeche, Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz.

“We are going to present it to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and I believe that his vision of integrating the health sector can help us to finalize the process. Yucatan can be the spearhead in this strategy”, he indicated.

He stressed that the work tours are intended to learn about the problem and see the conditions in which the clinics operate, verify that they have sufficient personnel, medicines, adequate infrastructure, equipment and, specifically in the south-southeast region, check that the air conditioned work properly, because they are essential to provide adequate care to the entitlement.

Pedro Zenteno added that the expansion works at the Peto FMU have already been approved for 2023, while the projects for the Dzidzantún and Izamal FMUs are still under review, in addition to the construction of a Family Medicine Clinic (CMF) in the center. of Mérida, and the UMF in Tixkokob.

The general director commented that in order to continue providing quality service in an agile manner, portable X-ray units will be sent to the Tekax and Valladolid UMFs, since those that currently have one do not work and another is obsolete.

In the same way, and due to the demand of the beneficiaries, Pedro Zenteno commented that the installation of laboratories, either in Tekax or Ticul, is being analyzed so that patients do not have to travel to Mérida to undergo clinical studies, since this situation represents expenses extra.

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As part of the strategy to equip first-level medical units, the head of Issste stressed that each of the Yucatan FMUs received a 10-foot refrigerator for vaccines, revolving benches, a baby scale, and a diagnostic kit. In the second semester, medical and secretarial chairs will arrive, an examination table, 220 kg scales with stadiometer, shelves, among other supplies to provide better service.

Regarding the supply of medicines, the head of the Issste reported that at the national level there is coverage of 97 percent, and in the state of Yucatan it is 93 percent. “We are aspiring to reach one hundred percent, that seven percent has to do with some keys that we are acquiring and surely in a couple of weeks we will be practically one hundred percent in supply.”

These actions have the objective of transforming the Issste, improving the first level of care, reinforcing prevention and decongesting the second and third levels.


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