Israel on alert for possible Iranian attack on its citizens in Turkey

while the judge Federico Villena analyzes the tests that were carried out iranian plane under the Venezuelan flag that landed on June 6 in Buenos Aires with crew from both countries and Paraguay confirms that there are no doubts about belonging to the Quds Force of the pilot of the aircraft, Israel the alarm was given to intelligence reports that give precision about the possibility of a terrorist attack by Iran against Israeli citizens in istanbul.

The delays of the Argentine Government to identify the true identity and charges of the Iranians who arrived in Ezeiza on the Venezuelan-flagged cargo plane have already been clarified twice: the Israeli embassy in Argentina and also the head of the intelligence of Paraguay.

The first paragraph of the statement issued yesterday by the Israeli embassy in Argentina leaves no room for doubt about the origin of the passengers, their functions and the real activities of that Boeing 747: “Given the facts of public knowledge regarding the landing of a Iranian-Venezuelan plane belonging to an airline sanctioned by the USA, the Embassy of Israel expresses the concern of the State of Israel in this regard. This aircraft, which until recently was used by the Iranian company Mahan Air, landed in Argentina with a group of Iranian officials on board, including a senior executive from the Persian airline Qeshm Fars Air.

A second more specific point in that identification is given by Stephen Aquinohead of the National Secretariat of Intelligence of Paraguay when clarifying without much diplomacy to the Argentine government that the captain Gholamreza Ghasemi (pilot of the ship) “it is not similar, homonym or anything. According to what we know and confirmed by allied agencies, it is that it is a person linked to the Quds, without any doubt.”

Meanwhile the fear is growing because Israeli officials have warned the citizens of that country that there are concrete threats that a terrorist attack is being attempted against citizens of Israel in Turkey and asks them to immediately leave that country.

This alert was repeated by the journalist Damien Patcher, that from Israel has been warning about the danger of an Iranian attack. The warning from the Israeli government comes after unconfirmed reports have revealed that the intelligence services of Israel and Turkey, acting jointly, have already managed to disrupt attack plans by a network of Iranian spies.


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