Internet service SME will invest a million dollars after an agreement with the Government

Vaquié pointed out: “The initiative promoted by our portfolio is bearing fruit. We have seen a concrete response from the private sector that is interested in investing to expand and improve the service of its users. In this way, we are expanding connectivity networks in the province giving the possibility to thousands of Mendocinos to access a high-speed internet service”.

“The signing of the contract with the company CELER It occurred within the framework of all the actions that have been carried out and that are linked to the improvement of the institutional framework to promote, in turn, improvements in the network infrastructure for greater connectivity in our province”, he commented for his Morabitus part.

The official added that “the agreement that has been signed is the same that has been available to all those actors linked to the sector who are interested in making investments to expand their service networks. It is a fair and balanced contract that improves incentives, promotes investment and brings the parties closer to speed up the processes that have to do with improving connectivity in the province”.

“The owners of the firm were very happy to have made progress in this direction. The investments they will make will allow them to provide a better service to their users, since they intend to go from an air service to one by fiber optics”, closed the head of Innovation and Economic Development.

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The company from San Martín that offers internet in the eastern zone plans to reach other locations in Mendoza.

The company that provides internet

CELER is an internet provider from Mendoza that has thousands of users in various locations in the northern oasis of the province.. “We have 14 years of experience in the market and our differential, in relation to other providers, is the human connection between the people of the company”, commented José Vanella, head of the firm, and added: “It is the human resource of the company, which values ​​each client, maintains a close and committed relationship to provide the best connection to them and their families”.

Asked about the investments made to date and those planned in the short term, he explained: “In the last two years we have invested one and a half million dollars to put into operation one of the largest fiber optic networks in Mendoza. Now, in a period of 24 months, we plan to invest an additional 1 million dollars. These investments are to expand and improve the arrival of fiber to more homes in Mendoza”.

The signed agreement will allow the company access the light service poles. Before, this could not be done, and thanks to the efforts made from the portfolio in charge of Vaquié, now it is possible.

“Private investments will remain in Mendoza and will benefit a large volume of users who could only access connections of 15 megabits per second. Today, those families can connect at speeds of 500 megabits per second. The process includes continue migrating our customers to fiber optic technology. Also, expand our coverage. We long to reach rural areas, where we know that the connection is bad or non-existent, to continue adding Mendoza to connectivity, which by default keeps the money within the province and the source of work for the 70 people who make up the company”, Vanella closed.

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