Inter-union meeting of the gas industry union « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

under the motto “Unit of conception for unity of action”the Union of the Gas and Allied Industries (STIGAS) Mar del Plata y Zona held the inter-union plenary session on June 15 and 16 at the Hotel Lomas, belonging to STIGAS Capital.

The meeting was attended by the Federation of the Gas Industry of the Argentine Republic, STIGAS Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, STIGAS La Plata, STIGAS Bahía Blanca, STIGAS Patagonia Sur and STIGAS Neuquén (which sent full adherence to the plenary resolution despite not being able to be).

“It is a historic event for our sector, because it is something that has never happened. It is very important to understand that unity is the way to achieve achievements”, remarked Ezequiel Serra, Secretary General of STIGAS Mar del Plata.

To conclude, Serra pointed out that “it was an important meeting, because all the unions were able to put on the table the problems of the sector that have been going on for decades, both for the workers and for the users in general.”

Pablo Blanco, Pablo Van den Heuvel, Guillermo Mangone, Ezequiel Serra, Horacio Correa and Ariel Arnau.

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