Instituto won the first semifinal game against San Martín

The match took almost a minute and a half to see the first points. The defensive level of the local was effective, making Sanma have the shot from three as an option to score goals. The visiting team was activated midway through the fourth. The intensity of the Glory did not wane and thanks to that the segment ended 14 to 11 in their favor.

At the beginning of the second chapter, San Martín improved in attack and defense and managed to turn the result around. While Institute was somewhat uncomfortable and imprecise. With the triples as the protagonist, the visitor took advantage of the game. The reaction of the white and red was not long in coming from the hand of Nicolas Copello. With the re-entry of the starting line-up, the locals were able to dominate the game again and take the lead on the scoreboard. The second quarter ended 36 to 34 with an Institute advantage.

Instituto won the first semifinal game against San Martín

The third stage had a very even start. The sets maintained the good level with which they completed the second segment. La Gloria was more constant and increased his scoring more easily. The defense of San Martín was a challenge for those led by Lucas Victoriano. Martín Cuello was in charge of imposing tranquility on Sandrín and on his team, which with his effectiveness in shooting, gave Instituto an advantage in the result. 56 to 52 ended the third quarter.

The efficiency of the red-and-white players began the last chapter of the match. In the moments where the Corrientes offense converted points, the Glory in the following play increased the difference in the result.

Instituto won the first semifinal game against San Martín

Parity and errors took control of the game midway through the fourth quarter. As the minutes went by, Instituto found the way with Nicolás Romano’s shots, which were important to impose more distance on the scoreboard.

La Gloria won the first game of the Playoffs semifinal series 83-76 with a great performance by “Nico” Romano with 15 points, 7 rebounds and 1 assist.

The next game will be on Monday at 9:00 p.m. at the Ángel Sandrín in Alta Córdoba.

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