Institute thrashed Santamarina in Tandil for the First National

The white and red opened the 20th date of the First National in Tandil against Santamarina and it was pure forcefulness. He returned to victory, and in what way, with a 4-0 win to continue fighting at the top of the positions. The next date (21) Institute will receive Caseros Students on Friday at 9:00 p.m. at the Monumental.

The match

In the first half, La Gloria showed more intensity than his rival in the attack from the first minutes, when Graciani warned with a comb that went very close. At 12′ and 22′, ‘Tano’ himself scored two goals to put Instituto ahead on the scoreboard, the second with an exquisite definition over goalkeeper Temperini.

In 35′ two good ones from La Glo on offense: first with a great maneuver by Mazzola, who failed to assist Watson and then a cross shot by Rodríguez that came close to the far post. And at the end of the first stage, a smash by Parnisari to the net that was annulled due to an advanced position.

In the complement La Gloria hit quickly, at 10 ‘header by the Uruguayan Ferreira for the 3 to 0 of Institute that is total force in Tandil. And at 28’, Mazzola finished it off with a penalty, 4 to 0. Coach Bovaglio carried out all the variations and La Gloria was the fair winner of the match due to his great efficiency.


Institute: 1-Jorge Carranza, 2-Ezequiel Parnisari, 3-Sebastián Corda, 4-Giuliano Cerato, 5-Roberto Bochi, 6-Matías Ferreira, 7-Leonardo Monje, 8-Gabriel Graciani, 9-Nicolás Mazzola, 10-Santiago Rodriguez, 11-Franco Watson. DT: Lucas Bovaglio.

Substitutes: 12-Emanuel Bilbao, 13-Agustín Gómez, 14-Nicolás Watson, 15-Joaquín Arzura, 16-Claudio Pombo, 17-Gregorio Rodríguez, 18-Patricio Cucchi.

Santamarina: 1-Nicolás Temperini, 2-Mateo Palmieri, 3-Enzo Espinoza, 4-Lucas Vallejo, 5-Guillermo Santillán, 6-Emilio Mac Eachen, 7-Alejandro Gagliardi, 8-Santiago Sayago, 9-Alan Bonansea, 10- Alexis Vega, 11-Matias Alustiza. DT M. Gonzalez – O. Barsottini

Substitutes: 12-Juan Pablo Mazza, 13-Agustín Osinaga, 14-Federico Rotela, 15-Tobías Coppo, 16-Elian Tus, 17-Braian Maidana, 18-Martín Michel.

Goals: Gabriel Graciani at 12′ and 22′ of the PT (I), Matías Ferreira at 10′ ST (I), Nicolás Mazzola at 28′ ST from penalty (I).

Changes in La Gloria: Claudio Pombo for Franco Watson at 22′ ST, Patricio Cucchi and Gregorio Rodríguez for Nicolás Mazzola and Santiago Rodríguez at 32′ ST, Joaquín Arzura and Agustín Gómez for Leonardo Monje and Gabriel Graciani at 38′ ST.

Referee: Nelson Bejas.

Stadium: Municipal San Martin.


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