Institute prepares to receive Caseros Students

Institute will receive on Friday home students with the aim of achieving a victory that temporarily leaves him in second place in the standings.

The meeting, valid for the 21st. day of the First Nationalwill be played from 21.00 in the stadium Juan Domingo Peron and will have the arbitration of Andrés Gariano.

The Cordoba team is in fifth position with 34 units (like All Boys) and in their last appearance they thrashed Santamarina de Tandil 4-0 as a visitor.

The DT of the “Gloria”, Lucas Bovaglio, will put the same eleven that thrashed the team from Tandil.

Estudiantes de Caseros, on the other hand, is located in the 13th. place with 28 points and on the last date tied 1-1 against Sacachispas.

The “click” coach, Walter Otta, could include Lautaro Parisi instead of Enzo Acosta in the midfield area.

At the beginning of the date, Quilmes will receive Gimnasia de Mendoza at the Centenario stadium from 8:00 p.m. and the referee will be Nicolás Ramírez.

The “Brewer” is located on the 18th. place with 25 points and comes from losing 3-2 to San Telmo as a visitor.

Coach Walter Coyette will not be able to dispose of soccer player Emanuel Moreno -he was expelled against “Candombero”- and his place will be taken by Colombian Camilo Machado.

The Mendoza team, meanwhile, is in seventh position with 31 points and in the last presentation they equaled 1-1 with Deportivo Maipú.

DT Luca Marcogiuseppe will repeat the same team that stopped on the last date.

The 31st. date continues as follows:

Saturday: Deportivo Morón-Gimnasia (J), Alvarado-Belgrano and Temperley-Flandria.

Sunday: Almagro-Riestra, Deportivo Madryn-Almirante Brown, Deportivo Maipú-All Boys, Agropecuario- Santamarina, Miter (SdE)-San Martin (SJ), Estudiantes (RC)-Villa Dálmine, Independiente Rivadavia-San Telmo, Tristán Suárez- Atlético Rafaela and San Martin (T)-Brown (PM).

Monday: Sacachispas-Atlanta, Ferro-Chaco For Ever, Nueva Chicago-Güemes (SdE) and Defensores de Belgrano-Chacarita.

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