Independiente Santa Fe equalized with Once Caldas and was left out of the eight

The stadium Palogrande of Manizales, was the venue for one of the most important duels on the 20th of the BetPlay League 2022 I, where Once Caldas received to Independent Santa Fe in the closure of all against all.

Luis Gabriel Materel, He was the referee in charge of commanding the actions in the match where both teams were looking for a ticket to the Quadrangular semifinals of the Colombian league.

The actions began with little control on the part of both teams, but the ‘Cardenal’ was the first to bring danger to the rival area with a shot from outside the area John Pedroza who went near the right pole of the portico.

About minute 18 came the first goal of the match in favor of ‘Blanco, Blanco’ of Manizales after what Robert Mejia will send you a precise pass to Mender Garciawho alone in front of Leandro Castellanos defined in a great way for the partial 1-0. But the goal did not go up to the scoreboard after the referee saw a hand on the screen of the VAR, by the forward.

Once Caldas did not lower the spleens despite the emotional blow and continued trying in the following minutes. in the 30, Mejia He tried a left-footed shot from mid-range and caused a great save by goalkeeper ‘Cardenal’ who sent it to the corner kick.

Once Caldas was eliminated from the Quadrangular semifinals. Photo: Twitter Once Caldas

From that collection of the still ball, the goal that broke the zero on the scoreboard would sore, thanks to the nose for goal of Fainer Torijano who caught a ball without an owner and took a right hand to nail it to the bottom of the net.

Santa Fe, He came out in the second half with everything to match the actions to continue dreaming of the comeback and in minute 47 he had it at the feet of Carlos ‘the Rock’ Sanchez, who sent her to save after a free kick charge. But the goal did not go up due to a clear misplacement of the experienced midfielder.

A few minutes later, the ‘Lion’ disturbed the rival goal again with a ‘rifle’ from outside the goal area Neyder Moreno which crashed into the crossbar.

about 60, Dark He capitalized on a clear option inside the area, taking a left-footed shot that went into the back of the net for the partial 1-1. But the goal did not add up because matias wed he touched the ball with his hand on the path of the ball.

Once Caldas received Santa Fe at the Palogrande on the 20th. Photo: Twitter Once Caldas

Once Caldas received Santa Fe at the Palogrande on the 20th. Photo: Twitter Once Caldas

After so much searching for equality, the goal fell in favor of Santa Fe who took advantage of the stopped ball after a collection of Harold Gomez that enabled Wilson Morelo, who within the small area did not forgive and put the partial 1-1.

But the ‘Cardenal’ happiness broke out a few minutes later when the scorer came alive in the area, beating his marker back and entering the far post, he headed the ball and sent it to the back of the net to complete the comeback.

The advantage did not last long, after Juan David Perez took advantage of a serious defensive error Santa Fe and in the one-on-one with the goalkeeper he took a three-finger shot to make it 2-2 in a heart-stopping game.

In the end the tie prevailed in the Big stick and the result did not help either of the two teams that were eliminated. Santa Fe, was tenth with 27 points and Once Caldas he finished in box 12 with 26 points.

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