Inclusive language: for the RAE who establishes the rules is society

Santiago Munoz Machado is the director of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and, regarding the issue of inclusive language, he stated that it is society that decides how its language evolves.

Muñoz Machado visited South American countries such as Uruguay, Chile and Peru for the launch of the Pan-Hispanic Clear Language Network and there he gave his opinion on the issue of inclusive language:

“It is society, it is the speakers who decide how their language evolves. They will also decide with inclusive language. Language always changes very slowly”

In this sense, Muñoz Machado pointed out that the RAE is not the only one that can regulate inclusive language: “It is the citizens, by using the language, who establish the rules.”

That is why the director of the RAE admitted that the institution “always lags a little behind the citizens”.

On the other hand, on the one hand he affirmed that “the demand for equality for women is one of the fairest and most obviously necessary in our times”, on the other he stated that “Language is not to blame for women’s inequality.”

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