In the midst of the crisis, Alberto Fernández received the support of Hugo Moyano

The General Secretary of the Teamsters Union, Hugo Moyanotoday supported the project of the national government, promoted by the president Alberto Fernandez and the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzmanto set a windfall income tax and affirmed that “entrepreneurs must be aware of this effort that society is asking for them to make an economic contribution.”

The trade unionist spoke with The Uncover Radio Y He stated that this initiative “is something that should be put into practice and the businessmen themselves should be aware that there are many people who lack a plate of food”. “They would have to see this request that society makes of them and make an economic contribution,” he said. Moyano.

The Government promotes a law to tax income unexpected for companies that had extraordinary profits in the context of the war in Ukraine and the legislative debate is scheduled to begin in the week of June 27, as agreed yesterday by the president Alberto Fernandez and the head of the block of the Front of All, German Martinezin a meeting held at Casa Rosada.

The initiative reaches companies with taxable net profit or accounting profit of more than 1,000 million pesos, whose taxable net profit has grown in real terms and meets one of these conditions: an accounting profit margin on their income in 2022 greater than 10% , or an increase in the profit margin in 2022 in relation to 2021 of at least 20%.

Alberto Fernández and Martín Guzmán seek to apply the unexpected income tax.

In another order, and when answering a query about inflation -projected according to the Budget at 62% per year- Moyano He said that “it is a very complicated issue and the government is making every effort, but sometimes it is not enough.”

In this sense, he evaluated the mechanism for advancing the parity discussion in several unions so that “the salary does not lose purchasing power” and expressed that “the Government made it possible for us unions to make this agreement, reducing the months of the previous agreement and making it possible to improve the percentage to prevent inflation from being greater than the salary”.

After praising the recent additions of Daniel Scioli and of Agustin Rossi to the National Cabinet, Moyano also rHe called for higher withholdings for agricultural exports. “It is logical that there are more withholdings, since they (for the agricultural sector) are the ones who have earned the most. These people have to collaborate and prevent many people from continuing to suffer,” he concluded.

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