In the fifth wave of COVID, Coahuila will not make adjustments to sanitary measures

In recent weeks, the positivity rate for Covid-19 in Coahuila has risen from 19% to 30%, but unlike the neighboring state of Durango, Coahuila has not considered adjusting sanitary measures.

The use of face masks will remain in force in all closed spaces and the use of the optional mask outdoors where the concentration is less than 500 people and social distancing of 1.5 meters is guaranteed.. In the case of stadiums, fairs, and other venues where massive events are held with more than 500 attendees, the use of a face mask is mandatory. In the classrooms, the distance will continue at 90 centimeters between one bench and another.

In this Monday’s report from the Coahuila Ministry of Health, the percentage of positivity by state and by region was announced. 40% is registered in the Carboniferous region, 35% reports the Southeast region, 31% the Lagunera region, 27% the Center region and 17% the North region.

Currently, C.Oahuila has 917 active cases of Covid-19, which are understood as all those positive with a date of onset of symptoms in the last 14 days. Torreón is the municipality with the most active cases, reporting 336, followed by Saltillo with 327. Then Monclova and Piedras Negras with 39 active cases each, San Buenaventura with 32 and Matamoros with 23.

The head of the state health agency in Coahuila, Roberto Bernal Gómez, said that “contagions will continue” and stressed that the main function of vaccination against Covid-19 is to avoid hospitalization and death.

“The infections are going to continue, we are in the fifth wave, they are increasing little by little but hospitalizations are going to be minimal and deaths too,” he said. Due to the above, Bernal Gómez ruled out modifying the sanitary measures because he insisted that what interests them most “is the number of hospitalized patients and deaths.”

In Durango, the Health Safety Commission will meet this week, in order to establish the catalog of new preventive measures, especially in this season of graduations and end of courses.

From the week of June 5 to 11, a total of 135 infections were registered, a figure that increased significantly in the week of June 12 to 19, which closed with a total of 459 infections, which represents an increase of 240 percent

At the morning health conference, Governor José Rosas Aispuro Torres announced that this week the Committee will be called to meet, since it is necessary to take measures, since he assured that the country is once again experiencing an increase in infections.

“Durango is no exception, but fortunately there are no new hospital admissions or deaths, that is the best news, this is because we have had a successful vaccination plan,” said the president.

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