“In the dark for 14 hours”. Milanese exasperated by the continuous blackouts

Blackouts continue throughout Milan, mainly due to the fact that the Milanese turn on the air conditioners to try to resist the heat and stifling heat of these days. It seems that the energy crisis and the rise in electricity bills are no more able to scare citizens than high temperatures. And like every summer, the Lombard capital has to deal with the blackouts that affect practically every district of the city. Yesterday, Monday 20 June, when 37 degrees were expected, the current went out in many areas, leaving entire streets in the dark, and above all without air conditioners. The technicians of Unareti, the company that manages the electricity distribution network in the Milanese city, have much more work these days than usual. Not all faults are quick to fix, some even take hours, resulting in discomfort for residents who leave vitriolic comments on the Municipality’s Facebook page or on the electricity company’s profile on Twitter.

Over 14 hours of black out

In the night between Sunday 19 and Monday 20 June, there was no light for a long time in the Bovisa area, in some cases even for 14 consecutive hours, as happened in via Fra Giovanni Pantaleo and in via Giuseppe Candiani. It is not only the houses that are damaged, even the commercial activities have to deal with the power failure that forces the manager to close the shop. Unareti announced that “during the last 24 hours there have been some unannounced interruptions, due to the exceptional nature of the events”and then invited the population to“monitor the status of outages to stay constantly updated”. From 20 this evening and for almost two hours there is a power failure in the Sempione-Piero della Francesca area.

On the company’s website we can check the situation, but also have some tips to avoid network overload. In fact, the page reads: “We are constantly committed to keeping the electricity grid efficient and able to meet the growing demands for energy, acting promptly if necessary. By following a few simple tips, we can reduce consumption and reduce the load on the city electricity grid, especially in summer. this way we can use our appliances and always have the right comfort, while respecting the environment “. The advice given are as follows: in summer, set the air conditioners to a temperature not lower than 27 ° (minus 2 ° of tolerance), while in winter to no more than 19 ° (plus 2 ° of tolerance); turn on the washing machine and dishwasher in the evening, at full load and at low temperatures; be careful not to leave the appliances on stand-by; remember to turn off the lights in unused rooms; close the windows and shade in the house if there are air conditioners on, and close the doors in shops; buy appliances with high energy class (from A to A +++); switch on only the appliances that are being used; do not place hot food in the refrigerator.

“A third world situation”

On the Facebook page of the Municipality of Milan we read: “Missing the current in your house? Check the status of your supply, find out and report current power outages and know any recovery times. To find out the status of the supply, connect to the site www.unareti.it and click on “Check now”, or write via WhatsApp or SMS to 339 995 8463 for information on the outage, providing your user identification code (called number POD) or your address “. It is communicated that the toll-free number 800 933 301 is also active to speak with an operator. Immediately below the post you can read the vitriolic comments of citizens. A resident says that in her area, in Niguarda, two supermarkets have closed due to a power failure. Another that she was away from Milan for a week and that when she got home she had to throw everything in the freezer. It’s still: “We have been without electricity for 5 hours, and this has been happening for too many days. Milan third world “, or also “It’s a shame, it’s Milan, not a third world city. Yesterday 2 and a half hours of interruption, today it is already 3 hours that we are without electricity in the bicocca. But do you realize that it is criminal to leave people without electricity for hours? “.

There are many who compare the symbolic city of the North to the third world. There are also those who turn to the mayor asking for explanations: “Yesterday 13 hours without electricity and today we are still here without … Mayor try to understand the causes?”. And on Twitter, the situation is no better. Even the communications given by the company on its website do not seem reliable given that there are many citizens who warn Unareti that the failure, which on the website would be solved, is still ongoing. “The blackout on the site it is considered resolved in my street in the Portello area but we are without electricity from 5 pm. You are not reliable even on that “, the exasperated comment of a resident. Then you can’t even count the insults.

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