In Georgia, boy dies trapped between washer and dryer while playing hide and seek

GEORGIA, USA.- A little boy between 8 and 10 years old died after being stuck between a dryer and a washing machine while playing hide and seek Georgia, United States.

The events occurred on Friday night when the minor, originally from Texaswas visiting the his grandparents’ house in Coolidge.

According to LiveUsathe child was playing hide and seek with his cousinsbut when it was found it was stuck between the washer and dryer.

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Minor was revived, but died on the way to hospital

After the discovery, the family tried resuscitate the little one as the emergency services arrived, but they were unsuccessful. However, once on the scene, the paramedics managed to revive him for a few moments, but finally passed away when he was taken to the hospital.

Early research indicates that the minor died of positional asphyxiation when trying to get between the two devices while playing.

For their part, the paramedics thomas county They found no bruises on the minor’s body that would indicate that he could be an abused child.

Authorities confirmed that none of the relatives faces charges for the death of the minoralthough the investigations and autopsy are still ongoing.

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