In Eure, Antoine David and his drones travel around the world and work with the greatest

Antoine David masters the drone to perfection ©Adimage Production

Apart from the wood from our forests, is there a link between the south of the Eure and the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris ? Yes, Anthony David.

Through aerial films

This inhabitant of Marbois (Eure) at the head of his company Adimage Production, since 2014, monitors, through aerial films, the construction site of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral which suffered a terrible fire on 15 and 16 April 2019.

“I do this once a quarter as a state service provider. These are pre-made images that will be reused for other media”.

An aerial view of Notre Dame Cathedral
An aerial view of Notre-Dame Cathedral ©Adimage Production

To understand the journey of the editor and director eurois, let’s go back to the beginning. At the base, a passion that devours him, the image. “I love photography, the aesthetics of the image, the fact of sublimating it, of highlighting it”.

“The drone allows you to take a step back” ©Adimage Production

It is therefore no surprise that he joined the ESRA (L’École Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle), located in Paris, between 1993 and 1997. On leaving, a diploma recognized by the State, the equivalent of a Licence.

For 15 years, I was then intermittent in the show. In this professional world, editing and directing, you have to be able to evolve and start at the bottom of the ladder.

Antoine David, editor and director

That’s what Antoine David did, not hesitating to do handling sometimes.

Air France, L’Oreal, Lancome, SNCF

He works quickly in the institutional, what we call the corporate. “In other words, corporate films and videos”.

Videos: currently on Actu

This is also one of the specialties of his company Adimage Production (SAS) created in 2014. to the final rendering.

After passing a ULM patent in 2013, he integrated the drone into his creations ©Adimage Production

After passing a ULM patent in 2013, he integrated the drone into his creations. “I found that it brought another dimension and different perspectives with aerial shots. The drone allows you to take a step back. In addition, from 2012, the regulations related to civil aircraft have made it possible to see things more clearly, even if this remains restrictive from an administrative point of view. It was a complement of machinery, like a natural passage”. And the partners he works with have been won over.

As you will have understood, in addition to television, Antoine David mainly collaborates with companies and communication agencies. In its purse, Air France KLM, L’Oréal, Lancôme, SNCF, a few banking groups…

“Every day is different”

His skills and his work will also lead him to film images for shows like Top Chef or La Nouvelle Star.

What I like about this job is the diversity of services. Every day is different, the days are not alike.

Anthony David

Recently, he distinguished himself by offering the inhabitants of Marbois “a short film in postcard mode using a drone. I made it in three flights in order to show the different towns of the new commune”.

His job takes him to ever-diverse places ©Adimage Production

In all, almost two hours of image for a rendering of… three minutes. “When I film in a drone, I tend to let it go,” he confides with a smile.

A trip to New Zealand

A job that makes him travel to New Zealand, to Auckland. “It was in 2015, on the occasion of the release of a Seat brand SUV. We stayed there for a month. It was very intense since we had to release one video per day and post it on Seat’s Facebook page”.

Even if he has to work in the field, often outdoors, Antoine David does not forget either “the long hours of rush” in the editing stations – one in Paris and another here in Marbois – with his eyes glued on the screen. “It’s part of the job,” he concedes.

Moreover, the head of Adimage Production has a whole arsenal to be able to work in the best conditions. Professional cameras, hybrid boxes, equipment related to lighting and sound, drones…

Is there an Antoine David paw? “I have a certain way of working,” he admits. Especially on shots with bokeh.” If you didn’t know, bokeh helps control background blur. Antoine David, he masters it perfectly.

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