In Bolivia, the prosecution charges former ministers for arms trafficking

The public ministry of Bolivia charged two former ministers of the interim executive by Jeanine Anez. Prosecutors accuse Arturo Murillo and Fernando López of the irregular purchase of riot gear from Ecuador. The attorney general’s office accuses the former government and defense officials of arms trafficking.

The secretary of the prosecution, Edwin Quispe, commented that the main cause is the illicit trafficking of non-conventional weapons. They are also accused of possession, carrying or carrying and use of non-conventional weapons, and breach of duties. Since 2021, the receipt of tear gas and riot gear has been investigated.

The current Bolivian government minister, Eduardo del Castillo, denounced that the previous executive managed a plane that transported the material from Ecuador. The head of the interior specified that the operation was handled with “low profile”. In the case there are more than a dozen people investigated.

The material was used in the repression experienced by La Paz and El Alto, where they protested against the coup. Quispe explained that at least 5,000 hand grenades, 2,389 long-range projectiles, 560 short-range projectiles and 500 sound and flash grenades are charged.

page seven realizes that the former ministers Murillo and López face more than a dozen lawsuits against them. Both fled the country after the elections in which current Bolivian president Luis Arce won. Arturo Murillo is in the United States where he is accused of corruption and money laundering.

Former Bolivian defense minister Fernando López indicted for trafficking

Former Bolivian defense minister Fernando López indicted for trafficking

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