IMSS Coahuila rules out evacuation at Clinic 16 in Torreón

The Coahuila Representation Office of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), ruled out that the General Zone Hospital (HGZ) number 16 have been evacuated and they also assure that it is false that clinic workers were intoxicated and were transferred to other institutions.

Through an official statement, the institution reported that this Monday the hospital treated a 37-year-old patient from the municipality of Matamoros, for apparent aluminum phosphorus poisoning.

Thanks to the timely intervention of specialists and the application of security protocols, several users were relocated in order to avoid risks, the Institute detailed. It was reported that as part of the protocol that is applied to these cases, the authorities of Civil protection.

The patient’s health status it is reported serious, With a reserved prognosis, the substance that he ingested has not been determined so far.

Finally, it was mentioned that “the IMSS Coahuila reaffirms its commitment to inform its policyholders with truthfulness, timeliness and transparency.”

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