Imbroglio in the PRI: purge, defeats, pressures and statutes

In the PRI purge there are no exceptions.

At this moment the threat hangs over two important cadres whose positions are close to their term as citizens: Omar Fayad and Alejandro Murat.

They are warned as others were before: former Campeche governor Carlos Miguel Aysa and his son.

Or the former governors of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, and of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich, who ignored threats and dispatch in Spain.

Pavlovich is in the news for her recent expulsion, but she was one of the first to know her fate if she accepted López Obrador’s invitation.

The same cause for Fayad and Murat, who supposedly will be invited to official assignments at the end of their governments.


Omar Fayad and Alejandro Murat live parallel situations.

They imposed foreign candidates from Mexico City, Carolina Viggiano in Hidalgo and Alejandro Avilés in Oaxaca.

Fayad campaigned to stop a double aberration: launching a sure loser and a PAN proposal.

-What a contradiction! Is she ashamed of being a PRI member and general secretary? Omar protested.

Murat, decisive in obtaining votes for the election of Alejandro Moreno as national leader, assumed the imposition and awaited the results.

We mention these cases because they are coming to trial, or at least that is what Alito’s predecessors claim, senatorial coordinator Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, former governors, former deputies and former senators.

Dulce María Sauri, Beatriz Paredes, Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, César Camacho, Manlio Fabio Beltrones and even current legislators are pressing for a way out of the crisis.

Next week could be definitive… with one problem: they will need a revolt to force a change in leadership because the current one has all the party organs under control.

And no way to use them to expel them too.


1.- While the opposition front Va por México debates its survival, the ruling party moves forward towards 2024.

In Coahuila, like two weeks ago in Toluca, he will measure his ability to gain followers and please the three President’s corcholatas, Adán Augusto López, Claudia Sheinbaum and Marcelo Ebrard.

In this there are no legal pruritus and the official machinery will be very advanced if at some point the electoral bodies intervene.

2.- The pharmaceutical industry is not rheumatic.

In these times of economic and health crisis, the 45 laboratories of the Amelaf of Luis Verduzco and Juan de Villafranca seek expansion.

They turn to international markets, riding on the prestige of medicines produced in Mexico.

3.- Something must have been seen from the power two Sundays ago in Toluca, because Mara Lezama is analyzed in the heights for her speech and her development.

His victory in Quintana Roo with 57% of the votes was not by chance.

And 4.- Another subject of Quintana Roo:

In the El CID hotel in Puerto Morelos, a conflict arose between the CTM and the CROC over the collective contract -and the quotas, of course- of more than 800 workers.

The company has detected sketch infiltrators with acts of non-compliance with labor and even dismissed, but they do not accept the liquidation and that aggravates the problem.


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