"I was drugged…": Mike Tyson was honest and revealed why he hit a passenger on a plane

former boxer Mike Tyson was once again a trend for his fist bumps, but not for those who distributed above the ring, but for those who gave him to the passenger of an airplane who harassed him during the flight. After several months of this episode, the athlete finally revealed the main reason for the violent scene. “I was irritated, tired, drugged and angry“, summarized.

Yes ok Mike Tyson continues to enjoy his high profile in the media and on social networks, He had been away from the great media and judicial scandals that he knew how to star in for several years during his time as a boxer. For this reason, he drew more attention to his reaction during a plane ride when hit a passenger who had been harassing him for several minutes.

I was wrong, that should never have happened”, remarked the boxing star in the showman program Jimmy Kimmel on American TV. In the first moment, the animator wanted to relive that moment and Mike Tyson tried to dodge the question as he dodged the fists of his opponents. “What plane? That flight?“he joked.

However, a few seconds later he provided explanations about the controversial response to harassment. “I was wrong, that should never have happened. That’s me in my primitive boy stages. I shouldn’t have done that, but I was irritated, tired, drugged and angry.“, started.

Shit happens“, he continued Tyson with the typical phrase of that country. Also, He clarified that his violent response is not usual: “It’s not me, I’m usually good.

On the other hand, we can mention that previously, the current cannabis businessman acknowledged that his partner, Lakiha Spencer, I had asked him to stop traveling on public planes to avoid situations of this type.

She gets mad, but what am I going to do on a fucking plane with my friends and a bodyguard who’s supposed to watch me?”, He pointed out on another occasion in this regard. He then assured that there are those who seek “tease him” to react in a bad way.

Mike Tyson dressed as a bee broke the nets

While, Mike Tyson also often surprises with his hilarious publications in social networks. One of the last ones that made all his followers burst out laughing was when He was dressed as a bee dancing and with a lot of charisma.

The historic boxer agreed to participate in a popular ABC talk show in which the different participants compete by spelling complex words. A challenge that culminates generating many times the laughter of the public.

So it was that in a behind the scenes of the program of Jimmy Kimmelthey summoned him to put on the insect costume before serving as a jury and The huge boxer appeared on his Instagram wearing it very gracefully.

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