"I want to be able to see her"the harsh testimony of a father whose custody of his daughter was taken away

A group of neighbors demonstrated on Tuesday in the streets of Oran, due to the “painful situation we are experiencing. It has been more than eight years that we have been suffering this outrage by the Justice“said Sergio Solorza, father of an institutionalized girl.

The man stated that his daughter “received injuries and assaults during her childhood, but for Justice that is nothing.” Everything was exposed through complaints, however, no action was ever taken for the protection of the minor, the man maintained.

According to what was published by TheTribune, Solorza requested an urgent communication regime with the minor, but has not yet received a response from Judge Albeza. Asked why she considers that the Justice ruled that the girl return to her mother, she said that: “We suspect that there is an influence deal. The handling of Justice is too irregularto the point of prescribing a cause of minor injuries, having absolutely all the evidence that certified the injuries my daughter received at that time,” added the man.

The march of the girl’s father from Oran is the third in two weeks, which at least frowns on the cases of children whose parents clamor to get them back.

What it raises, according to him, It was demonstrated in psychological reports and that they even requested the Gesell Chamber, which had been set for last November 17. “But an hour before it was to take place, without knowing why my daughter’s voice was silenced yet again and she was suspended,” the father said.

He reiterated that the request is only one: that they return his daughter. “Since they took her, I don’t know where she is. I had no contact or communication. The mother does not answer my cell phone and the one we sent her is turned off“, he remarked.

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