“I stayed upstairs because my uncle’s children were crying” « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

Julio Cesar Bibbó (21) he returns to his apartment with one of his nephews. his partner, Marilyn Brisa Vera Gonzalez (23), is visibly upset and tells him that moments before she argued with a group of people who are waiting for a bus downstairs. She tells him that they insulted her, and that is why she is angry and hers, another nephew of hers, along with another minor who stayed to sleep in the house, also participated in the verbal interdict.

At that moment, Bibbó transforms, starts screaming and looks for a knife in the kitchen. In the space of an environment and a half, one of his sons and two of her partner’s scream and cry. They are all little ones between 2 and 4 years old. What happened next, the crime of Martin Mora Negretti (30)is what the Justice is investigating, but the version given by Bibbó’s two nephews and their friend before the prosecutor Marcelo Yanez Urrutia Sunday night was key to rebuilding the case.

“I stayed upstairs because my uncle’s children (sic, one is the young man’s and the other two are his partner’s) were crying,” said the older of the two brothers, 14 years old. And he added: “I did not go down because I stayed to take care of them and I saw everything from the balcony.” Those words, backed by the images taken by security cameras in the area and the testimony of the victim’s friends, ended up being essential to guarantee his release from guilt. Charge, it is worth remembering, he would not have had because the three minors, due to their age, are not punishable by Argentine criminal law.

Despite the latter, the younger brother of this teenager who was returned to his parents last Tuesday is still locked up in the Batan Admission and Referral Center (CAD). The same happens with the other young man, a friend of both from the neighborhood The Americaswhere they all live with their respective families.

“We went down to see what my uncle was doing, but we didn’t go. Other people had the knives,” said Bibbó’s 13-year-old nephew. And his version was ratified by the other apprehended, 14. Both, the sources trusted, provided data that in the end ended up collaborating with the judicial investigation and allowed, in the end, to establish that the perpetrators of the crime would have been the members of the couple of adults.

So, to fully clarify the fact -as it appears in the investigation so far-, it is necessary to review the information: Mora Negretti was from Mar del Plata and had just turned 30 on Saturday, June 18, when she went out to celebrate it at night . After midnight, he decided to return to his family’s house – he lived in Buenos Aires but had returned to the city for the celebration and for Father’s Day – he went to take the bus to the Sarmiento and Rawson stop .

At the wake, Luis -father Mora Negretti- hugs one of the women who was with his son at the time of the event.

At that time, the victim was accompanied by a friend of his and two women -their girlfriends-, and it was then that from apartment C on the 7th floor they began to throw bags of water and ice into the street. Feeling attacked, both they and other pedestrians criticized the attitude of the inhabitants of the building, and received insults from above.

According to the investigation by prosecutor Leandro Arévalo, Vera González, her two young children, her partner’s son, Bibbó, and two of his nephews were in the department. “Now when my husband comes back they will see”, the woman would have answered in the middle of the discussion with Mora Negretti the other passers-by. As suspected, the now main accused of the crime had gone to make a purchase with his other nephew (the three teenagers would stay to sleep in his apartment that night) at a market that is open 24 hours.

And back in his apartment, the events narrated at the beginning of this note would have occurred; Bibbó looked at Vera González, his partner, visibly upset. The woman then told him that moments before she had argued with a group of people who were waiting for a bus downstairs. She told him that they insulted her, that’s why she is angry, and that hers another nephew of hers, along with their friend who stayed to sleep in the house, also participated in the verbal interdict.

At that moment, the 21-year-old who had fought in the street several times before, caused disturbances in the neighborhood and was even arrested, is transformed. He starts screaming, looks for a knife in the kitchen and goes down with his partner and two of the minors. The absurd murder of Mora Negretti was committed later and shocked the country: first, when the policemen from the ninth police station arrived at the scene, the three adolescents and the woman were apprehended, and the next day Bibbó himself.

One of the three adolescents -the eldest of the defendant’s nephews- who spoke before the prosecutor Yanez Urrutia on Sunday night, was returned to his parents this Tuesday, while the others remain locked up by an extraordinary measure, and it is presumed that in less than 15 days they would regain their freedom since they are not punishable and furthermore they would not have had any knife in their possession. Meanwhile, Vera González declared before Arévalo that he is innocent and that he only went down to the sidewalk to calm Bibbó, who preferred not to be questioned. Both remain detained in the Female Detachment and in the Penitentiary Mayor’s Office No. 44 of Batánalthough the Justice of Guarantees must resolve whether to grant the woman the house arrest she requested to breastfeed the youngest of her children, today under the custody of her sister.

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