"I only wanted women"explosive revelation about Viviana Canosa

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As if that were not enough, the panelist gave details of what happened at the program’s production meeting and sent the host to the front.

“I was at the meeting, present, where Viviana Canosa asked that she wanted nothing more than women…”, said Yanina without anesthesia

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Viviana Canosa exploded against Cande Tinelli

After his scandalous crosses with Luis Novaressio, L-Gante and Calu Rivero, among other celebrities, Viviana Canosa added Cande Tinelli to his list of confrontations.

Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter joined an adult content platform and Viviana Canosa did not let her pass.

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Give me these photos of Candelaria Tinelli, of Cande Tinelli, Marcelo’s daughter. You say “hey, the truth is that I have a shitty life, I don’t have a penny, I didn’t have an education, I lived for the ass. I wasn’t lucky enough, you say Tinelli’s daughter had it. Do you think that Cande Tinelli has it all and had it all. When Macri was ruling, Cande Tinelli cried through the media and social networks… “Ah, but Macri, I have to go back to live with my dad because I don’t have enough moneyGray began.

“Now, with Alberto, he says nothing. And not only that he doesn’t say anything. For 15 bucks he shows you the asshole on an app. All wrong with the patriarchy until the tarasca appears and they are reified without any problem. And there the patriarchy … ah but tarasca “, he continued without anesthesia.

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Viviana Canosa against Cande Tinelli, Flor Peña and Silvina Luna

Far from leaving it there, Viviana Canosa targeted celebrities such as Flor Peña and Silvina Luna who, like Cande Tinelli, publish photos on uncensored platforms.

“Like these others. The partisanship… I don’t think that a capocomic doesn’t tell me that I’m hot and that a guy doesn’t push my chair out in a restaurant or open the car doors for me! Ah… but stubborn. Wallet kills gallant, and dollar kills objectification. It’s good: dollar kills objectification “she said indignantly.

“Speaking of feminism, girls: here I have Alperovich. Che, greens: a lot of Darthés but little Alperovich. Gives me 10 Darthes 0 Alperovich. This selective feminism gives me hives. Of course, as he is cumpa they don’t say anything to him. And I have news for sororas. They want to place the bust of Isabel Perón in the Casa Rosada. Come on, sororas, defend the first president of the Argentines for me! Girls, they pee with Cristina and Isabel gets bullied. Why are they bullying you? Come on, don’t be hypocrites and don’t have a double standard,” Viviana Canosa closed furiously.

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